Blessing # 14

Posted: August 23, 2014 by Lenny in Egbe, Egbe Hosptial, Egbe Nigeria

DSC_0239One of the biggest blessings our compound gets to see is a container coming and being unloaded with much needed supplies for the reutilization of the hospital. Living and building “in the bush” of Africa has its challenges. Some of those challenges are being able to find quality construction materials, medical equipment, and other things that help make the missionaries lives more comfortable while serving here.


    God has truly blessed this community, hospital, and its missionaries with an incredible support team in the US and Canada. They are dedicated to revitalization project just as much as every missionary living on the ground in Egbe. They are in constant communication with all the missionaries and ask, “What is needed?” Most of the time we answer this question and a few months later, whatever the request, it’s at our door step being offloaded from these containers. With every container comes hard work to unload it, but also comes the huge boost to morale. When each box, pallet, or shrink wrapped piece comes off, we say “Wow, look at that!” or “There that is!”

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 9.45.27 AMAlso, each empty container is dropped off of the truck to be kept on our compound for temporary storage and we are in the process of making future plans to make small buildings with these containers in the future. These may become low-cost workshops or possibly store fronts for the hospital vendors. The possibilities with containers are truly amazing when you start to research their potential. One website I had found shown people with really nice houses made out of a few of these containers. Really creative!

The most recent container #14 had shown up on Sunday, August 17 at around 9:30 a.m. I wanted to capture the hard work and the organized “chaos” each container brings when unloading one. I placed a time lapse camera on the roof nearest our unloading dock to capture the entire process. The video shows a total of five hours worth of unloading and then removing the container off of the trailer. The camera took one picture every five seconds for a total of 2,900 pictures. These are played back at 25 frames per second. The five hours of work has been condensed down to two minutes of video. Enjoy to the end were we try to “offload” the container from the trailer. We tried to keep it upright just like all of the offloads before it, but….

  1. Fred says:

    I saw an article where containers were being turned into apartments. The use of containers is only limited by your creatvity. Go for it.

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