Learning, Laughing and Sweating!

Posted: October 6, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

Swept Away

Now into our fourth week of school we are already having a great time learning and laughing together!  We are LEARNING as we begin establishing a routine and strategy for our days, and discover what does and does not work inside a less than typical classroom setting.  For the kids the books are filled with new subjects to learn, and as for me the subjects may be old, but still ones I must RE-learn.  Predicates, action verbs, spelling list, phonic sounds, word problems and read alouds have come back to haunt me!  All those things I thought I had left far, far behind!!! Through learning we are also LAUGHING!  As I said school in Africa is just a little more quirky and we just have to laugh at our daily struggles and mishaps.  Science experiements have already failed miserably, but we just move on! Unexpected bathroom visits are a commonality…

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  1. Dale Maddux says:

    Good Morning from Indiana: Thank you for the news and God’s blessings to you. You are being remembered in prayer. Dale and Delores Maddux

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