Meeting With The King

Posted: May 24, 2016 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

kingC.A.R.E. Africa has grown and it was recommended by a leader in the town that we meet with the King to share our ministry. I trusted this leader and knew he knew best but was also hesitant. First I am a female leader in a male dominant culture. Second, he is the King!! I was anxious to say the least. What would he ask me? What would he want to know? I was checking all my i’s and dotting all my t’s. I knew we had filed all the proper paperwork with the Nigerian government and SIM, but what if the King didn’t like what we were doing?

We arrived to his house and sat on his front porch waiting for him to join us. I anxiously awaited the questions that would be asked. When he sat down there was silence. I am still learning in this culture when it is OK as a female to talk, look someone in the eyes, curtsey, shake someone’s hand or just stay quite. I was praying the whole time for the Holy Spirit to lead the conversation. I felt he was urging me to speak so I started to talk about how I arrived to Egbe and how God put C.A.R.E. on my heart. I was brief, gave him a book to keep that explained everything and was going to be on my way. Luckily my husband was there with me and he elaborated on a few things which brought back some memories for the King.

Then God showed up and showed off as he does so much in my life. The King began to tell a story of how he was orphaned at age 11. He was blessed that some missionaries came alongside him and helped him through life. He credits who he is today because some missionaries cared enough about an orphan who is now the Ilegbe of Egbe. He said that my ministry brings tears to his eyes. I was doing everything I could to keep from crying myself. I serve an amazing God and even though I know he already approves of me, the town of Egbe now approves too! Thank you God!

  1. Andy LaBreche says:

    What a very very cool story!

    Loved reading it and can imagine all that was going through your mind wondering if you should say something.



  2. Mary Eicher says:

    What a wonderful God story hon. Love, Old Grandma in Texas

  3. Meg Ackley says:

    Praising God for this positive meeting, Patrice! And for your work with these vulnerable children! Praying for you! Meg

  4. Doug Christensen says:

    Praise God! I am so glad to hear how God is at work through you and the team at Egbe

  5. Tom Conner says:

    So proud of you and the team you have assembled to do this work. Having met the King on a number of occasions I knew you mission is right in his wheelhouse. Did not know he was an orphan and maybe that is why he took in his little Prince from the bushelter. Well done good and faithful servant.

  6. Cindy Warren says:

    How wonderful! So excited to read your posts!!!

  7. Cindy Warren says:

    How wonderful! The king was an orphan touched by a missionary. God shows up and we get to be a part of His great plan. We are trying to assist our mission by helping the pastoral students to become tent makers. Developing a baking business has been my part. I know the hours you must have poured into this project, your skills, your expertise in running a business are all being used to equip others! And God is weaving all of it together! Blessed by your commitment to the Egbe people!

  8. Gary Polsgrove says:

    I’m crying

  9. azteccf says:

    This is so good to read. A few years back I was called to the Elegbe’s home, and relayed a similar story about the role of my father in his life. Sadly, I’m not sure he was fully living for the Lord. I trust this Elegbe is. At some point, give him greetings from Harris Poole’s son!

  10. To Go be the glory for the things he has done. In our days we real need good leaders. Just wish you can carry on doing this beautiful work that you are doing.

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