I am HIV Positive.

Posted: May 19, 2016 by Patrice Miles in AIDS, Egbe, Egbe Hosptial, Egbe Nigeria, HIV, Miles In Missions, Nigeria, Orphans, Spring Of Life

We had onIMG_2826ly been in Nigeria a few months and a boy named Samson showed up to play. I just assumed he was a compound kid like the other Nigerian kids. One day Cason told me he saw Samson begging at the hospital gate. The next time he came I asked him questions and found out his mom was in the hospital and had been there for three months. Samson took me to the far back corner of the ward to meet his mom. When I asked about her I found out she had HIV positive. She had defaulted on her drugs and had gotten very sick. She was better now and was unable to pay her hospital bill to be released. The benevolent fund was able to get her bill paid and she was released. I sent them with transport money, a Bible, a picture of Samson and Cason and my phone number. I always wonder where they are and how they are doing?

God put the epidemic of HIV/AIDS on my heart back in 2014 though Samson. Over time I got to know the Spring of Life ministry at Egbe Hospital that assisted me with Samson’s mom. I learned a lot about the stigma that Nigeria has about HIV/AIDS patients. I found out why Samson’s mom was in the back corner and not with the rest of the patients. I found out that so many people have this virus but due to lack of education, religious beliefs and culture practices, they never seek treatment. In addition, they continue to infect others out of their denial. Ultimately they get sick and once they make it to Egbe Hospital, it is too late.



IMG_3335I continued to pray and ask God for guidance on how I could help. C.A.R.E. Africa started and I saw orphan after orphan from AIDS. It is thought that 2 million children in Nigeria are currently orphaned by AIDS. I continued to feel a burden on my heart for the ministry, Spring of Life. As I investigated I found out that we currently had around 300 patients that are on the ARV drugs and that the ministry had almost closed its doors several times due to lack of funds.

My business and marketing mind of course started to run and I saw this challenge before me. I love challenges but this would be the biggest one yet. I have absolutely no experience in the medical field. I didn’t even know the difference between HIV and AIDS. As I started to do my research and found out about NACA, PEPFAR, ART, ARV, HIV, AIDS and many more acronyms I started to think that I was out of my mind. There is no way I could help this ministry unless God showed up and showed me what to do.

98Well God showed up and through a lot of prayer and with consultation of SIM and the Egbe Hospital Revitalization team, I have taken on as Project Manager for the Spring of Life Project. What does this mean? Well ultimately my goal is to find a way for this ministry to sustain itself until God call us home. More to come in future blogs. Pray for me as I take on something much bigger than me. I look forward to watching God work as I am truly just a vessel for him to use at Spring of Life Egbe.


Visit us at http://egbehospital.org/spring-of-life-counseling-center/

Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/springoflifeegbe

Donate Directly to Spring of life by clicking Spring of Life

  1. Mary Eicher says:

    I love how you are using your talents for Jesus and helping others. You are a blessing . Love, Old Grandma in Texas

  2. Linda Johnson says:

    God bless you, Patrice Miles, as He has blessed the world with you and your heart for doing the work of Jesus! Love you, Linda Johnson (Center City Baptist Church)

  3. Ackley, Meg says:

    Such an important ministry, Patrice! May God give you strength for all that he’s put on your plate! Thank you for your willingness! You and the family are in our prayers!


  4. Linda Kohn says:

    Praying for you, Samson, his mamma and Spring of Life… how are they doing do you know and how is Spring of Life taking shape?

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