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Last but not least is also a ministry that Patrice manages, Spring of Life, Egbe. This HIV/AIDS ministry has great potential to grow so that many of those deeply hurting and shunned in the society can be reached with the “Good News”, so that they can have ultimate healing through Jesus Christ.

Just like C.A.R.E. Africa, in this larger city Patrice will have the time and resources to grow the ministry administratively, as well as grasp a larger vision of what it’s true potential is.

This is a very special and respectful video that showcases the ministry as well as two HIV patients that were gracious enough to show their faces on camera. Please join us in praying for these women.

Click on the picture to watch the video.

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Tiv Camp

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DSC_0293The Tiv people are the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria. We have a small Tiv camp about one hour away from Egbe that suffers from severe poverty. Their camp is across from a stream that can only be crossed during dry season. Otherwise you have to use a small rope bridge. The small stream is their only source of water and most live in huts. They have a four room elementary school and they have hired four teachers to teach 150 children.


DSC_0431We recently did a HIV/AIDS outreach with Pastor Alabi at Spring of Life. We were able to screen over 120 people and only two were positive. We also de-wormed 150 children while giving them each an exercise book and pencil. Nurses that were visiting from the U.S. were able to take B.P. and other vitals of 45 people while our pastors counseled each person. We saw about five with very high blood pressure, one pregnant women who hadn’t felt her baby move in many days, a women with severe burns, and an older women who seemed to have severe heart problems. All were referred to the hospital for further diagnoses.


We were really worried about the older women with likely heart failure and offered to take her back to the hospital with us but she refused. We truly didn’t believe any of them would come as the hospital is over one hour away and they are very poor. We did our best through an interpretor to tell them the possible severity of their cases and that they really needed to come and see a doctor. We all prayed that they would come. To our surprise as of today 6 have come. An HIV positive patient came for treatment. The older women with heart issues stayed overnight, was put on treatment, and will come back for check up in a month. The pregnant mother came and praise the Lord all is well with her baby. One came for her eyes and saw our eye doctor at the clinic. The last two came because their BP was so high. They were seen and put on treatment. We are excited about this new relationship we have established with this camp and look forward to see what God is going to do.


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I don’t know if you remember, but my birthday was on October 21st. I had asked for 100 AWANA shirts for my AWANA club kids. I am happy to update you that I received donations for exactly 100 AWANA shirts. Not 99 or 101 but exactly 100!!




Do you remember Mosun? She was a partially blind HIV patient with Spring of Life. We had discovered that the eye drops that she had been using were finished and she didn’t have money to buy more. They had really helped her vision and it had been months since she last used them. We had asked for a $50 donation so she would have eye drops for 1 year. God answered and she has eye drops for one year now.



Do you remember the story of Toyin? Toyin went from an abandoned child to restoration with his father and then restoration with his mother. They are all together now in the family house, Praise the Lord. Click Toyin to be taken to the blog on him. We have not found a sponsor for him yet so if you would like to sponsor a child it is $35 a month and you can email me at





We also have an update on our one time donation campaign for our transition to Jos. We started our campaign with the #GivingTuesday which raised almost $10,000 that day for our ministry in Nigeria. Later my husband created this beautiful blue pie chart. As you can see the updated chart shows that God has really been speaking to people all around the world to support our ministry in Nigeria. Click one-time to be directed to the site for a one time donation.


The last update we have for you is on our monthly support. We had sent out a blog informing everyone of our loss of three large monthly supporters totaling $1,500 a month starting January 2017. We have been praying and praying for this need to be met. We are still in need of $1,450 a month in monthly supporters. Please pray about it and consider signing up by clicking monthly to support our ministry in Nigeria monthly.






Lastly, just this week we’ve received word that the children have passed their entrance exams and have been fully accepted into Hillcrest international School. Cason will start 9th grade and Jolie 6th in August later this year. This school has a rich history with SIM missionaries and is one of the best international schools in all of West Africa. We know and fully expect that this will prepare them for college anywhere in the world or any next steps in life that the Lord has in store for them. Thanks so much to Katie Riddle who has been teaching them over the last couple of years to prepare them for this next step!


dsc_0296Meet Mosun. If you have ever visited the Spring of Life HIV/AIDS Center in Egbe, you would have gone and prayed with Mosun. She is an HIV patient that has been on ARV therapy for 5 years now. She is doing great, but unfortunately the sickness left her blind in both eyes. She has two small children, Faith and Eniope. They are currently enrolled in C.A.R.E. Africa and sponsored by Rick and Martha Bradford, two SIM missionaries in Egbe.

Pastor Alabi continues to encourage Mosun through nutritional support, picking her up on Wednesdays for the caretaker meeting at C.A.R.E. Africa, and by delivering her ARV drugs. Through some recent donations that SOL has received, Pastor Alabi and I talked about how we could empower some of his patients. Mosun was top of the list. Pastor Alabi knew she had sold charcoal before. He was able to help her buy several large bags of charcoal, which she will break down, and sell in small quantities. She is very excited and grateful for this.

dsc_0282When I recently visited her to see how the charcoal business was going, she expressed her need for eye drops. Vision First is an eye drop that was subscribed for her. These drops she said have really helped with one of her eyes. It has allowed her a little bit of vision in the one eye. The costs is n4,000 for a two month supply. That is $50 a year for her eye drops. I wish she would make n4,000 from the charcoal sales, but she will only make about n400 per large bag she sells.

I am praying that someone out there reading this blog would like to buy Mosun a year supply of eye drops for Christmas. Please consider donating $50 as a one-time donation to Spring Of Life. You can put in the memo “eye drops” so we know it is for Mosun. Thanks so much!


Do you like coffee?

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I am so excited to announce Spring of Life HIV/AIDS clinic partnership with Charity Beans.

If you like coffee, you can now purchase through charity beans and 50% of the proceeds will go to help HIV/AIDS patient care, education and community outreach in Egbe. If you like coffee….try a bag and tell us what you think!!

Please share this with everyone you know. The direct link is or click on the picture below.


Titcombe College Outreach

Posted: July 5, 2016 by Patrice Miles in AIDS, Egbe Hosptial, HIV, Miles In Missions

HIV/AIDS outreach is something that Spring of Life does every month. This month one of the outreaches was to a local school. We had visitors in from the U.S. and we asked them to speak some encouragement into the middle and high school classes. Joe Brown was able to talk about character and then Pastor Alabi educated the children on HIV/AIDS. Over 200 tests were completed and not a single positive test came back. Praise the Lord!

DSC_0143 DSC_0159 DSC_0215 DSC_0139 DSC_0121


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Anytime we have visitors come to Egbe we ask them to spend some time visiting a few of our HIV/AIDS patients. Here are some photos of a recent visit to 6 of our patients. They were highly encouraged with prayer and small provisions.


We had onIMG_2826ly been in Nigeria a few months and a boy named Samson showed up to play. I just assumed he was a compound kid like the other Nigerian kids. One day Cason told me he saw Samson begging at the hospital gate. The next time he came I asked him questions and found out his mom was in the hospital and had been there for three months. Samson took me to the far back corner of the ward to meet his mom. When I asked about her I found out she had HIV positive. She had defaulted on her drugs and had gotten very sick. She was better now and was unable to pay her hospital bill to be released. The benevolent fund was able to get her bill paid and she was released. I sent them with transport money, a Bible, a picture of Samson and Cason and my phone number. I always wonder where they are and how they are doing?

God put the epidemic of HIV/AIDS on my heart back in 2014 though Samson. Over time I got to know the Spring of Life ministry at Egbe Hospital that assisted me with Samson’s mom. I learned a lot about the stigma that Nigeria has about HIV/AIDS patients. I found out why Samson’s mom was in the back corner and not with the rest of the patients. I found out that so many people have this virus but due to lack of education, religious beliefs and culture practices, they never seek treatment. In addition, they continue to infect others out of their denial. Ultimately they get sick and once they make it to Egbe Hospital, it is too late.



IMG_3335I continued to pray and ask God for guidance on how I could help. C.A.R.E. Africa started and I saw orphan after orphan from AIDS. It is thought that 2 million children in Nigeria are currently orphaned by AIDS. I continued to feel a burden on my heart for the ministry, Spring of Life. As I investigated I found out that we currently had around 300 patients that are on the ARV drugs and that the ministry had almost closed its doors several times due to lack of funds.

My business and marketing mind of course started to run and I saw this challenge before me. I love challenges but this would be the biggest one yet. I have absolutely no experience in the medical field. I didn’t even know the difference between HIV and AIDS. As I started to do my research and found out about NACA, PEPFAR, ART, ARV, HIV, AIDS and many more acronyms I started to think that I was out of my mind. There is no way I could help this ministry unless God showed up and showed me what to do.

98Well God showed up and through a lot of prayer and with consultation of SIM and the Egbe Hospital Revitalization team, I have taken on as Project Manager for the Spring of Life Project. What does this mean? Well ultimately my goal is to find a way for this ministry to sustain itself until God call us home. More to come in future blogs. Pray for me as I take on something much bigger than me. I look forward to watching God work as I am truly just a vessel for him to use at Spring of Life Egbe.


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