When It’s Calm.

Posted: July 19, 2019 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

Check out another beautiful post by Titi and how you can wish her a Happy 21st Birthday.

Plantains Please

IMG-20190105-WA0013 Peace, bringing it all to peace…

“Why do you love to stay up so late?” I prefer not going to bed early because I would rather experience the calmness at night than waste it by sleeping. At night when everyone else is sleeping, it is calm inside and it is calm outside and I can finally let out the breath I do not always realize I am holding onto all day long. It does sound ridiculous if you like to go to bed before twelve, or maybe it sounds like a luxury if unlike me you have a lot to do during the day and cannot keep your eyes open at night.

IMG-20190105-WA0010 The rage in me to still…

Another reason would probably be that I cannot stop thinking…for the life of me I can not get my brain to shut up, ever! At school I am using my brain a…

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