So, What’s Next?

Posted: July 24, 2019 by Patrice Miles in African School, AWANA, C.A.R.E. Africa, Egbe, Lenny Miles, Miles In Missions, Missionaries, Nigeria, Orphans, Patrice Miles, SIM, Spring Of Life, Titi

“So What’s Next?”

Our family has been hugely blessed the past two and half months on home assignment re-connecting with our family and catching up on everything we had missed the past two years. During this time we met with SIM and our home church. After wise counsel we have decided that our next two year term will be stateside. We are praying you will continue to walk with us through our next two years of ministry.


Polsgrove Family Reunion

So what does this look like for Miles In Missions and our supporters?

For Miles in Missions: The next two years I (Patrice) will remain a full time missionary with SIM. I will travel to Nigeria several times a year. My goal is to grow the ministry both in Nigeria and stateside. I will continue in my roll as sponsorship manager for the orphans along with donor relations, marketing, empowerment and accounting. We will set up house in Louisville, KY and Lenny will do re modeling jobs to supplement our income. The kids are enrolled at Portland Christian school and start classes August 15th.

For our supporters: If you are currently donating through SIM and or C.A.R.E. Africa, we ask that you prayerfully continue. The ministry continues to grow as more orphans and caregivers come on board. This growth is a blessing from God but adds additional expenses. This is why your continued support is critical. 

*C.A.R.E. Africa currently has 60 orphans and 55 caregivers enrolled in our programs with more on the waiting list.

*AWANA Egbe hosts over 150 kids every Monday.

46773a43-6a66-4618-9e60-fb7ba7346d47*Foundations Academy Egbe has been open for almost one year now and we currently have 58 children attending. The current building is already too small so we have found 25 acres of land but will need to raise around $7,000 for the purchase plus an additional $250,000 for the building of the elementary, middle and high school, chapel, administrative offices, medical clinic, hostel, guesthouse, soccer pitch and sports buildings.

*Emma Salako (C.A.R.E. Africa CEO and co founder) will be attending seminary school part time for the next 4-5 years for youth ministry.

*TITI, our Nigerian daughter, has completed one year at Lancaster Bible College with academic excellence and has three more years to go.

*Spring of Life HIV/AIDS clinic continues to rely solely on donations to run the center as all government funding has been non-existent. In addition Pastor Alabi has been invited to attend a new SIM gathering in South Africa for all the HIV/AIDS ministries across the world.

All of these programs would not be possible without your donations and cannot continue without your much needed support. Thank you for continuing down this road with Miles In Missions. We will keep you updated on our progress.

If you are not currently a supporter and would like to join us on this next chapter please click



  1. Joanne inger says:

    What a beautiful family. Inside and out!!

  2. wellsincwebaccessnet says:

    I will sure be praying for ya’ll in the change and transition. Bill has just resigned and retired from pastoring after 56 years of bivocational preaching and pastoring. It is hard to make these decisions even when we know it is God’s will. We will definitely be continuing our support of Samuel Abraham. Our finances are tight due to our change in lifestyle, but that isn’t something we will cut back on. I’ll need to cut back on eating and drop at least 50 needed-to-be-gone pounds before we even think about changing Samuel’s $35/month. Besides, “you can’t out-give God!!!” I look forward to your updates. God bless you all! Lotza Love, Marcia ❤

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  3. Jenny Brown says:

    Wow, you and your family are amazing! Hope to see you and catch up. Lenny, I can use your handy building experience. We are looking to put a roof over our patio. Would love to have you give a quote. Please email if you are interested, Jenny

  4. Aida Darnell says:

    Just to remind you how proud I am of your passion for Christ and how much I love you. Forget to say that at times!!


  5. Pastor.Alabi says:

    Glory be to God Almighty.As much as we shall be missing your regular friendship, mentoring and encouraging words,I personally thank God for bringing your wonderful family across our ways.The LORD will continue to bless, keep and give your family peace and progress through these transitions in Jesus Christ name,AMEN.You are in my prayers always,AMEN.

  6. Lois Clark says:

    Dear Patrice, I just wanted you to know that in addition to our prayerful support we intend to continue to provide financial support to you and to Friday.  Our kindergarten bible study group continues to pray for you and our dear Friday.  We have his photo in our room and the kids see him and pray regularly.  We are preparing a small package of goodies for him with cards from our bible study group.  Can you think of anything special needed or wanted for him at this time?  Look forward to seeing you soon. Your sister-in-Christ, Lois

    • Thanks so much Lois as your words are such an encouragement. I am heading back to Nigeria in September and can take anything you want to Friday. I would also love to come and meet your Bible Study kids and Skype or FaceTime Friday for them to meet him and say hello.

  7. Ackley, Dick says:

    Good update, Friends!

    Hey, I have Tuck’s vaccination booklet. Let me know where I should mail it.

    Say hi to the old guy (I’m talking about Tuck)! I’m glad we’re keeping one of you in SIM’s grip at least.


  8. Kayode says:

    I love the family 😍😍😍😍😍😍 God love you best… Kayode toyin

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