Backpacks, Socks and More

Posted: August 2, 2019 by Patrice Miles in C.A.R.E. Africa, Miles In Missions, Mission Trip, Missionaries, Nigeria, Orphans, Patrice Miles, Prayer, SIM, Volunteers


In less than a month I will be headed back to Nigeria. It is impossible to contain the joy I feel! I can’t wait to spend time with my team encouraging them in the tireless work they do.

Last Import - 405 of 581My mother, Jolene Eicher, will be joining me for her third trip to Nigeria. She will be busy interviewing and documenting the stories of several of our caregivers, our children and our C.A.R.E. Africa staff.

IMG_1380 2Ashley Beebe, a school teacher, will make her eighth trip to Nigeria. She will work with our teachers at Foundations Academy Egbe. We will be packing a lot into this short trip.


We need your help!!

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 8.34.33 AMWe will host a back to school party with the theme “What Would Jesus Do”. Our goal is to help the kids remember in the new school year to model Jesus in all they do. To always be kind, gentle and patient and not lie, steal or cheat. We are taking rubber bracelets stamped with W.W.J.D. for them to wear to remind them each day – “What Would Jesus Do”. We will also provide each child with a backpack, some school supplies, sandals, underwear, socks and more. Can you help us collect new or gently used backpacks from anyone you know? We also need K-12 boys boxer briefs, girls underwear, sports bras, belts and white crew socks (above ankle). Monetary donations would also help us purchase needed items and/or cover any baggage fees. You can Email me at with any local donations I can pick up or I can give you a shipping address. 

Any monetary donations can be given to our general fund at or checks can be made payable to CARE Africa and mailed. Email me at for our mailing address.

The kids love school and are always excited to receive their new school supplies. Thank you for all you do!

  1. gwanadrgmailcom says:

    Welcome back home


  2. Rick Bradford says:

    This is a great and tangible idea. Backpacks are so expensive for kids in Egbe let alone nigeria. Well done.

    When and if you get a chance to have Ashley talk to Ben Schroeder (that is if I am not there at the time) about what he is doing in the bush with the Fulani kids. I think she might want to be encouraged as to the Fulani are still being reached in some for or another. (Teaching under the mango tree in particular)

    When are you going to be in Egbe?

    They are sending me to Kano for the month of September for language training. So I will not be in Egbe till October.

    Keep up the great work!

    Rick Bradford

    Many blessings, Sent from my iPhone


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